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Poster 5th Feb

Members of the Ladyfest collective will meet and play every first Wednesday of the month at the Vic Bar.

23.00 – 03.00

_facebook event over here

Not gone just back again. Come get us.

you wanna be a popstar/ can you bang with this/ i cc’d all your friends/ where have you been/ nobody’s invited but you baby/ tell me what you like/ let me fix my hair/ listen now/ this girl is on fire/ pour it up/ shake your head for me/ i’m gonna hip you now/ rockin this business/ with you now/ in control and lovin it/ oh my/ fiercer now/ yeah that’s right/ higher than a highway/ runnin up that hill/ we’re makin our fame/ hot cool girls/ so unforgettable/ better look the other way/ hello can we get the party started/ i’m the best what you sayin/ holla/ honey i got something for ya/ oh my freakin you know what/ bow down to the queen/ watch me tip all on it/ show me why you deserve it/ we’re tearing it up/ oh na na/ we flawless/ grind or die/ blah blah blah/

THIS IS   F  R  E  E

first poster by ASH REID

Ladyfest Survey

Hello Ladyfest Enthusiast!

We hope that you had a good time at Ladyfest and that we will meet again at future Ladyfest events.

To be able to put on even better festivals in the future we would really like your input about the festival. If you could fill in this short survey we would really appreciate it. If  you went to one of the workshops we would also love to know what you thought of it – this survey can be found here.

Ladyfest x


Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came, played, attended workshops, helped out and to everyone who partied. It was a fantastic weekend and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We love you all!

Ladyfest x

Photo by Jannica Honey.

Photo by Jannica Honey.

Ladyfest and the Empty Set!

So next weekend is going to be pretty bloody exciting – it’s:

International Women’s Day
it’s Ladyfest

AND, as if that wasn’t exciting enough our very generous collaborators Never Come Ashore are putting on:

The Empty Set
Saturday 9th march
7.30 pm
Glasgow University Concert Hall.

the line up looks pretty swish. It promises to be an improvising delight, and it’s FREE!



Ela Orleans to play at Ladyfest Glasgow!

Sadly Muscles of Joy have had to pull out, but we are TOTALLY PSYCHED to announce that Ela Orleans will be playing at Ladyfest Glasgow on Friday 8th of March, instead.

You can visit her website here and buy your tickets to the festival here.


Mariam Rezaei AKA DJ Etchasqratch will be DJing with Lock Up Your Daughters on the Ladyfest clubnight on Saturday 9th of March.

Expect a brilliant electro/moohmbaton set!

Mariam is also running the Experimental Turntable Skills Workshop.

Check her website here.

And get your tickets here.

New date and venue!

Hello Ladyfest enthusiasts!

We have some exciting news.

Ladyfest Glasgow is going to take place at the Kinning Park Complex, March 8 and 9. Co-coinciding with International Women’s Day!

Prices, line-up and details about workshops will be announced shortly.

Tickets will be on sale from the beginning of February.

Ladyfest x

Some music we love.


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